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Stories to tell and lessons to share

The Festival Guy has established himself as an energetic and inspiring public speaker after participating in panels and leading keynotes at conferences and festivals across the country. There are two main topics he is particularly suited to covering.

1. How To Be A FestPRO: Breaks down everything you need to know to thrive at your next festival and actively improve the festival around you. 

2. Dream Chasing 101: A speech that summarized The Festival Guy's story and shares all of the lessons he wishes he knew before before he got started. 

Public Speaking: Welcome
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Public Speaking: Welcome

Electric Forest Festival

Rothbury, Michigan
June, 2018

Tucker led a talk titled "Be A FestPRO With The Festival Guy," in which he led the audience on all of the tips and tricks veterans use to have their own festival and inspired them to contribute to the festival around them.

 Music Entrepreneur Conference at Harvard

Boston, Massachusetts 
April, 2018

Tucker led a talk titled "Dream Chasing 101" where he guided the audience through all of the things he wish he could have told himself before he started his journey of following his dreams.

XLIVE Business Conference

Las Vegas, Nevada
December, 2017

Tucker led a talk titled "How To Create Brand Loyalty So Your Audience Comes Back For Years To Come" where he led a crowd of event producers through all of the little things they need to do to create a successful festival.

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What The Festival

Dufur, Oregon.
June, 2017

Tucker led a talk titled "How To Live Your Dream Live and Earn Your Smile Wrinkle," in which he walked the audience through the steps you need to take to follow your dreams and all of the benefits of following your bliss.

Public Speaking: News
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