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Tucker Gumber AKA The Festival Guy is a music festival professional who has spent the last 8 years engulfing himself in the festival community. With over 140 festivals under his belt, Tucker's mission is to help event producers create their best event and to provide FestivalGoers with the resources they need to have their best festival. This website is Tucker's life work and was created to make it easily accessible for everyone.

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The FestivalGoer's Guide

Festivaling is a hobby that the more of it you do, the better you get at it, and the more fun you have while doing it. The FestivalGoer's Guide shares all of the tips FestPROs use from having the right gear, to being green, to knowing how to make the most friends so you can be prepared for anything the festival throws at you.

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The Festival Thrower's Bible

Creating a world-class festival doesn't happen by accident. The Festival Guy partnered with Vendini Ticketing and twelve industry leaders to provide event producers with everything they need to create a festival that everyone will want to attend for years to come.

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He's Got Em.

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We Can Do It.

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Festival Tips

Game Changers.

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Travel Show

It's Like You're There.



Festival Better

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Public Speaking

Lend An Ear

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It's been a journey and then some...

Every festival you experience fills your life with new friends and important lessons that will help you down the road. Sharing these lessons and connecting his vast network is Tucker's biggest passion.

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